2015 BOHOGS Geotechnical Practitioner of the Year

The Judges had many nominations to consider for 2015 with industry geotechnical engineers going above and beyond in the geotechnical field accompanied by supporting many new initiatives of benefit to the Queensland and New South Wales mine sites. After some tough deliberations it was decided to that two worthy recipients would be crowned the 2015 Geotechnical Practitioner of the Year. Congratulations to:

Alison McQuillan. Alison’s ongoing commitment to the BOHOGS group and her post-graduate study is a testament to the passion she has for the discipline and her ongoing desire for professional development.

Nicole Tucker. Nicole’s dedication to providing members with geotechnical development has increased opportunities to the BOHOGS and Australian Geomechanics Society as well as through supporting many university projects.

2015 BOHOGS Geotechnical Practitioner of the Year

For further reading of the recipients significant contributions to Geotechnical Engineering please see the attached.

Well done Ladies!!